What’s wrong with my website?

This is the era of social media and digital everything. As a result, if you want to secure a top-ranking position in your industry, your website cannot afford to be the weakling of the lot. People are online every second of the day, with needs to be met and money to spend, so if you’re website is lacking, you’re going to miss out. Even by taking a glance outside your specific industry, you can comprehend the importance of having a killer online presence. Additionally, if you look into what your competition is doing with their own website, you’ll have a good idea of what customers are willing to invest in. The modern-day consumer is using the internet for everything they have to do, primarily due to the convenience that the medium affords. They have high expectations when they engage their vendors of choice because let’s face it – nothing good comes for free. Your customers want a site that is informative, easy to maneuver, secure and well-managed. Are you giving it to them? One sure-fire way of losing customers, be they existing or potential, is by neglecting to give them a high-quality online experience, via your website. Let’s have a look at some of the most common infractions that many websites are (unknowingly) committing:

1. Crappy Content: Search engines are operating differently now, specifically when it comes to the ranking they afford to their results. Cut-and-paste, cookie-cutter content will do nothing for your site, besides push it into invisibility. The content that your website boasts can do more than just satisfy your customers; it can also inspire them to refer you to their networks of friends, family and associates. Content that is poorly written or off-topic, will not show up search engine results.

2. Obvious Omissions: In the quest to be visible and to retain your market share, never let thoroughness slip. It is almost ridiculous the number of websites that forget/neglect to publish obvious information like contact info, (where applicable) store location and business hours. Chances are, your customers will want to contact you – this is something you will want to! Make it easy for them to engage you. Don’t leave them scouring your site like archaeologists looking for your “Contact Us” page.

3. Lacking Linking: Having your website up and running, just isn’t enough. The internet is a vast space and you have to do much more that just exist, if you plan on reaching more customers. Something that search engines like Google take into consideration, is how many high-quality sites link to yours. Is your site featured on any blogs? Are you mentioned in any online press-releases? Are you networking online with associations that govern your industry? Are you offering helpful information via a blog or through whitepapers?

If you want more from your website, you have to invest more in it. It should evolve as your company evolves, as well as with the needs of your clients. Conduct a thorough analysis of how your site is performing. Even consider a comparative study with your biggest competitor, so you know what’s working in your industry. By keeping your site fresh, relevant, easy to peruse, it will always be appealing.

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