Turn Your Customers Into Advocates

Advocates are loyal customers who believe in your products or services and spread the word enthusiastically among their friends and relatives.

Steps to take to make advocates out of your customers:
• First and foremost, have a good product or service.

• Give them a reason to be advocates. Make sure your provide a brand that includes a unique message or compelling story that gives them a reason to want to provide information to others about your product. I am not sure why, maybe due to budgets and time,  but so many companies don’t spend the appropriate time developing their brand.

• Communicate with your customers. Have an up-to-date interactive website, a monthly e-newsletter and an email campaign.

• Create a blog and join social networks.

• Treat your customers like you want to be treated.

• Deliver on your promises. Give them more than they expect—–faster service, more options, early delivery, etc.

After a recent prospect approached Stage2 for marketing services ,  she asked us to review her current marketing  efforts . She defined her brand as an upscale,  online children’s apparel store, yet all of her customers purchased her product when it was drastically reduced in price. We  advised  her she needs to try and convert those clients into advocates and give them reasons to buy the product without a price reduction or redefine her brand.

A brand is defined by your customer. It is what they hold in their hearts in regards to your products or services. So they are great way to obtain information or market research. Give them a voice by providing outlets like surveys or questions posted on social media sites. Then listen to the answers. Really listen and utilize that information to help create that brand experience your customer expects.

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