Importance of Conversion Tracking

If you’re one of the 300+ million websites existing today, you need conversions. Whether it’s getting visitors to your website to download your whitepaper, sign up for your newsletter, register an account or purchase a product, conversions are critical to your success. Do you want to attract customers and grow revenue or spend your time starting, stopping and deciphering website analytics?

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a service that showed you which visitors convert into customers, why they convert and how to get more conversions, simply and clearly? If you’re not tracking the performance of every marketing strategy, you might be investing money in a program that’s not producing conversions. By tracking conversions, you’ll know which ads, keywords and campaigns bring your business. This helps you invest your dollars more wisely and boost your return on your investment.

Stage2 Marketing offers a conversion tracking software solution, “Tell-All,” which shows which of your marketing channels deliver leads and which channels cost you money—–simply, clearly and in real time. You will understand the  marketing programs that drive conversions and increase sales. Stage2 works with you to impact your conversions and grow your business. Our team of experts helps interpret your data and turn the data into measureable and actionable strategies.

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